The NAG-07M generator (Fig. 1) contains an improved launch control system and 80 active elements of the AG-1M type (Fig. 2) providing a total generator continuous operation time of more than 8 hours.

Rice. 1. Generator NAG-07M

  When the generator is operating in automatic mode, active elements are switched on in series (from 1 to 3 pieces in a series) with intervals between series from 1 s to 360 s. The operating time of one active element is at least 6 minutes. The NAG-07M launch control system allows you to control the operation of active elements in manual mode, by wire through the control panel, by radio and GSM channels. The communication range when the generator is controlled via a radio channel is up to 20-30 km, when controlled via the GSM cellular network — without restrictions. The launcher NAG-07M is an electromechanical prefabricated structure and consists of a combustion chamber, on which 80 active elements of the AG-1M type, a control unit, a fan and contact pads are mounted. A pipe is installed on top of the combustion chamber, which is attached with cables and can reach a height of up to 3 m. The power source is a 12 V DC battery with a capacity of at least 44 Ah. The active element AG-1M (Fig. 2) is a metal case with a diameter of 22 mm with checkers of the pyrotechnic composition of an ice-forming aerosol, an electric igniter and a bushing (diaphragm) placed in it.

Rice. 2. Active element AG-1M

  The active element AG-1M is triggered when an electric current pulse is applied from the generator starter to the electric igniter, which in turn initiates the combustion of the pyrotechnic composition.

  Full-scale tests of the prototype NAG-07M were successfully carried out at the test site of the Federal Scientific and Practical Center «Research Institute of Applied Chemistry» in the 2014-2015 season.

Main technical characteristics

Parameter name, units of measurement Conclusion
1. Maximum number of active elements, pcs 80
2. Number of simultaneously launched active elements, pcs 1 … 3
3. Interval between launches of active elements, s 360
4. Source of power – 220В; – а12В
5. Weight of composition of ice-forming aerosol of active elements (80 pieces), kg 11
6. Overall dimensions LxWxH, mm x mm x mm 834х834х4145
7. Weight, kg 26