At present, ground-based aerosol pyrotechnic and acetone generators are widely used in the world practice of active influence on clouds in order to regulate precipitation and combat hail. These generators can be used in places where anti-hail missiles or aircraft operations are prohibited (airports, highways, etc.). Taking into account also the fact that the use of ground-based generators is sometimes more economically feasible than the use of rocket or aircraft technology, in 2006, according to the Terms of Reference of ANO «ATTEH Agency», VNIIP «DARG» and FGUP «ChPO named after V.I. Chapaev » the development of generators of ice-forming firework-type aerosols (FLA) for active influences on clouds was started. In 2009-2010, pilot operation of GLA-105 generators was carried out at the training ground of the North Caucasian paramilitary service for active influence on hydrometeorological processes near the city of Nalchik. According to the results of trial operation, the GLA-105 generators were put into serial production.

  GLA-105 products are designed to influence clouds by introducing an ice-forming agent into the cloud with ascending flows.

Fig.1. Appearance of GLA-105 and aerosol cloud setting scheme

Fig.2. Launchers for launching GLA-105: single-barreled and multi-barreled

Specifications GLA-105

Mass of ice-forming composition, kg 0,11
The number of ice-forming cores per product at temperatures:
Minus 6ºС 2,4 * 1014

Minus 10ºС

1,1 * 1015
Product operating time, s 7…9
Burst height at mortar elevation angle 85…90º, m at least 150