To reduce the cost of work on active impact on clouds, the Agency developed the SAG-26V aircraft aerosol complex, which can be installed on aircraft of various types, including light aircraft. The SAG-26V aircraft aerosol system (Fig. 1) is designed to launch standard PV-26-01 squibs and SAG-26 generators. The creation of ice-forming aerosol routes is provided in automatic mode, with the inclusion of 1 to 4 active elements in a series at the same time, with intervals between series from 10 to 360 seconds.

Rice. 1. Aircraft aerosol complex SAG-26V

  One control panel (Fig. 2) ensures the operation of 1 to 12 cassettes (beams) equipped with 32 to 384 SAG-26 generators or PV-26-01 cartridges. The remote control is located in the cockpit and allows the operator to launch singly and in series. The control panel is designed to work with both SAG-26V and SAG-26KS aircraft aerosol systems.

Rice. 2. Remote control

On fig. 3 shows the MV-500 aircraft with the SAG-26V aerosol complex installed on it during ground tests at the airfield of MVEN Firm LLC.

Rice. 3. Testing of the SAG-26V complex on the MV-500 aircraft

Main parameters and characteristics of SAG-26V

Characteristics SAG-26V equipped with SAG-26 generators SAG-26V equipped with generators PV-26-01
Single cassette capacity 32 active elements
Overall dimensions of the cassette, mm 916х98х310 916х98х134
Time interval between series, 16 12
Number of launched active elements in a series, pcs 1…4
Time interval between series, s 10…360
Activation pulse current, not less than, A 2
Source of power aircraft network
DC supply voltage, V 24…27
Power consumption, no more than, W 80
Operating air temperature during operation, °С -40…+40