Airborne aerosol complex SAG-26KS (Fig. 1) is a fundamentally new launcher with reusable barrels for caseless pyrotechnic active elements «Rain-S» and «Rain-K», while the elements «Rain-S» are designed for horizontal seeding clouds along the flight path of the aircraft, and the Dozhd-K elements carry out vertical seeding of clouds similar to PV-26 aircraft squibs. The barrels are quick-detachable elements and can be interchanged.

Rice. 1. Aircraft aerosol complex SAG-26KS

  The technical characteristics of the active elements «Rain-S» and «Rain-K» are similar to the corresponding characteristics of the SAG-26 generators or PV-26-01 squibs. The difference from the latter lies in their design — in the absence of metal cases, the functions of which in the SAG-26KS complex are performed by reusable barrels, which ensures a significant reduction in the cost of consumable elements.

Technical characteristics of the active elements «Rain-S» and «Rain-K»

Characteristic Active element “Rain-S” Active element “Rain-K”
Weight, kg 0,21 0,08
Caliber (diameter), mm 20,0 24,5
Length, mm 363 89,5
Working time, s 360 40
Weight of pyrotechnic composition, g 150 70
Yield of ice-forming aerosol at -10°C, 1/g 1,5*1015 3,4*1014

  The launch of the active elements «Rain-S» and «Rain-K» in the SAG-26KS complex is provided using a remote control. The control panel (Fig. 2) in automatic mode ensures the operation of 1 to 12 cassettes (beams), each of which is equipped with 32 active elements, that is, it allows you to initiate the launch of up to 384 active elements. The control panel is designed to work with both SAG-26KS and SAG-26V aircraft aerosol systems. The remote control is located in the cockpit and allows the operator to launch singly and in series.

Rice. 2. Remote control

  The use of these complexes with the use of «sleeveless» active elements equipped in cassettes with reusable barrels will make it possible to seed clouds with ice-forming aerosol both at the top and under the base of the cloud at a lower cost.

  On fig. 3 shows the SAG-26KS complex during ground acceptance tests at the ChPO test site named after. V.I.Chapaeva.

    a)                                                                                                           b)

   Rice. 3. Ground tests of the SAG-26KS complex with active elements «Rain-S» (a) and active elements «Rain-K» (b)

Main parameters and characteristics of SAG-26KS

Characteristics SAG-26V equipped with SAG-26 generators SAG-26V equipped with generators PV-26-01
Single cassette capacity 32 active elements
Overall dimensions of the cassette, mm 1087х126х415 1087х126х153
Time interval between series, 22 14
Number of launched active elements in a series, pcs 1…4
Time interval between series, s 10…360
Activation pulse current, not less than, A 2
Source of power aircraft network
DC supply voltage, V 24…27
Power consumption, no more than, W 80
Operating air temperature during operation, °С -40…+40