Mobile radar managing system for artificial precipitation control

   In order to provide work on the active impact on clouds with meteorological radar information (information about the fields of cloudiness, precipitation and related hazardous weather phenomena) in areas where it is not possible to obtain regular meteorological radar information, a mobile radar system for managing work on for artificial precipitation control was created based on the mobile meteorological radar «Kontur-Meteo-01», developed in 2010 according to the terms of reference of the ANO «Agency ATTECH». The organization scheme of the mobile radar managing system is shown in Fig. 1.

Fig. 1. Organization scheme of the mobile radar managing system

The composition of the system includes:

• the mobile meteorological radar «Kontur-Meteo-01», (Fig. 3) with a system of digital processing and registration of information;

• a block for receiving and transmitting data between the operational work control center, radar and impact aircraft;

• software and hardware complex of workplaces for operators of the operational work control center;

• impact aircraft with ground-air-ground onboard complexes for receiving and transmitting data;

• voice radio communication channel.

The software and hardware complex of workstations for operators of the management of works allows the following operations to be carried out:

• exchange information between operators’ workstations by using the TCP/IP protocol;

• receive information from the Internet;

• carry out processing and analysis of radar information coming from the mobile radar «Kontur — Meteo — 01».

The block diagram of the software and hardware complex is shown in fig. 2.

Fig. 2. Structural diagram of the software and hardware complex

Fig. 3. General view of the mobile radar with the cap removed and the option of its transportation Composition of the mobile radar managing system: turntable; transceiver; waveguide-slot antenna; waveguide path; radio transparent cap; a laptop.