A system for transmitting data over the Earth – Board – Earth

For the operational exchange of meteorological and navigational information, as well as data on the impacts carried out between the operational work control center and impact aircraft, a system for transmitting data over the Earth – Board – Earth radio channel (dispatching system) has been created and has been used for more than 10 years. The ground set of the system is mounted in the operations center and the airborne set is installed on each aircraft.

Fig. 1. Radio station with on-board controller (a); onboard antenna (b);

The system of data transmission «Earth – Board – Earth» provides:

• displaying aircraft flight paths on navigation maps of the area and radar maps of clouds and precipitation in real time on board and at the ground control center;

• obtaining radar maps of cloudiness and precipitation on board the aircraft;

• obtaining the coordinates of the points of impact at the ground work control center;

• obtaining airborne sounding data of the atmosphere and clouds;

• the possibility of exchanging text messages between the ground control center and on-board aircraft operators.