The aerosynoptic situation in the Moscow region on June 12, 2023 was formed under the influence of the southern periphery of the anticyclone centered over the northwest of the European territory of Russia. In the night and morning hours in Moscow and the Moscow region, there was partly cloudy weather. The minimum air temperature in Moscow was 7…10 oC, in the region 0…8oC.

Clouds with the height of 5-7 km giving precipitation intensity up to 1-2 mm/h were observed to the southwest of Moscow at the distance of 200-250 km (Fig.1).

In the afternoon, with the predicted air warming up to 17…19oC it was possible to develop cumulus clouds, which could in places with a probability of 10-15% lead to precipitation of 0,1 – 0,2 mm.

In the free atmosphere at altitudes up to 5,5 km during June 12, 2023, a north-easterly wind of 5-10 m/s was observed. Higher – west with a gradual increase in speed from 3-5 m/s at the altitude of 5,5 km to 15-20 m/s at the altitudeof 10 km.

In accordance with the observed weather conditions, from 4:00 to 7:00 MSK three AN-26 aircrafts (№90374, 51 and 02) were lifted into the air from the Chkalovsky airfield to probe the atmosphere and monitor the weather conditions to the south and southwest at the distance of 150-250 km from Moscow.

Taking into account the forecast of an increase in air temperature from 9:00 to 9:30 MSK, three AN-26 aircrafts (№ 50, 03 and 25) were lifted into the air to monitor the weather situation to the north and northeast of Moscow at the distance of 70-100 km in order to prevent precipitation in Moscow.

Fig.1. Digital map of the upper cloud boundary at 4:00 MSK, 12.06.2023.


In the period from 12 to 15 hours MSK four AN-26 aircrafts (№ 51, 02, 50 and 03) were repeatedly lifted into the air, which continued to work in an area limited by azimuths of 356 – 160 degrees and ranges up to 100 km from Moscow.

Since the clouds observed in the Moscow region did not develop in the afternoon and did not give precipitation, work to improve weather conditions in Moscow was completed at 19:30 MSK in agreement with the Customer and the aircrafts were on standby at the Chkalovsky airfield until 22:00 MSK.

A total of 11 flights were carried out on June 12, 2023.