Universal generator of fine ice particles GMHL-U

Universal Generator of fine ice particles GMCHL-U is designed to influence the supercooled clouds from the plane and on the cooled fog from the ground. The generator is based on the spraying of liquid nitrogen.
The liquid nitrogen is vaporization and mixing with the outside moist air, which leads to a homogeneous formation of fine ice crystals, which then provide the stimulation of the formation of precipitates or scattering of supercooled fog.


Planes option:

— Mass unfilled generator kg   83
— Maximum weight of the filling of liquid nitrogen, kg   96
— Dimensions   860 * 580 * 1640
— Voltage electric. voltage, V   12
— Power consumption, W 162
— Reagent consumption, g/s  15 * 3

Ground-based version:

— Mass unfilled generator kg  27
— Maximum weight of the filling of liquid nitrogen, kg 32
— Dimensions 840 * 460 * 460
— Voltage electric. voltage, V 12
— Power consumption, W 60
— Reagent consumption, g/s 15


The generator consists of a dewar of SK-40 (1) with the standard cover (4) and the nozzle (2). Generator set, if necessary on the support (3). Nozzle (2) — is the foundation of it is attached to the valve: spring (5), line (6), filter (7), the heating cartridge (8), a cylindrical enclosure (9) for the heater, safety valve (14), the valve emergency membrane (10), pressure gauge (11), a solenoid valve (12) and the nozzle (13).

Nozzle (2) through a sealing gasket pressed spring (5) to the neck of the Dewar. Running the generator through the system generator control over the air (Fig. 2) by a signal from the control point to the impact of the opening of the solenoid valve (12) and including a heating cartridge (8). When heated, the liquid nitrogen is vaporization and in the upper part of the Dewar increased pressure of nitrogen gas to a working level — 0.7-1.0 kg/cm2. Operating pressure regulated safety valve (14) which, when exceeded, opens and resets the pressure. Under the action of high pressure in the upper part of the Dewar liquid nitrogen through a pipeline (6) goes to the nozzle (13), through which it is spraying into the air. In the airplane version of the last bend pipe (6), together with the injectors (13) disconnected from the nozzle and in its place installed pipeline in accordance with the technical documentation for a particular aircraft.

With a sharp increase of pressure role fuse performs pressing spring (5), the rigidity of which is chosen so that at a pressure of 1.5 kg/cm2 spring pressed and pressure is discharged through a sealing gasket. When the pressure spring presses the nozzle and thus seals the Dewar. In the event of a failure of the pressure relief valve (14) and freeze-tips (2) to the dewar at excess pressure level in 2 kg/cm2 triggered emergency diaphragm valve (10).