Ground aerosol generators NAG-07 and GLA-105

Currently, in the world of active influence on the clouds in order to regulate and control rainfall and hail are widely used ground fireworks and aerosol acetone generators.
These generators can be used in places where the work of anti-hail rockets or aircraft equipment is prohibited (airports, highways, etc.). Taking into account the fact that the use of ground generators are sometimes more cost-effective than the use of an aircraft or missile technology, in 2005, based on Technical Assignment of ANO «Agency ATTECH», VNIIP «DARG» and FGUP «V.I. Chapayev » began the development of land-based ice-forming aerosol generator (NAG) and in 2006 ice-forming aerosol generators firework type (GLA) for active influence on the clouds.
In 2009-2010, there was an experimental operation of generators NAG-07 and GLA-105 at the site of the North Caucasian in the area of ​​the city of Nalchik. According to the results of the pilot operation generators NAG-07 and GLA-105 put into production.

Ground aerosol generator NAG-07

NAG-07 is intended to influence clouds and fog by ice-forming agent.

Fig. 1. Skin of elements of NAG-07 generator.

Fig. 2. Working NAG-07 generator.

Specifications of NAG-07

Mass, kg


Battery dimensions, mm

550 * 750 * 70

Mass of ice-forming composition, kg        


The number of ice-forming nuclei with products at temperatures:



0.5 * 1013


1.0 * 1013

Battery life, minutes


Ground aerosol generator GLA-105.

Products GLA-105 is intended to affect the clouds, by carrying ice-forming agent in the cloud upstream.

Fig. 1. Skin of GLA-105 generator.

Fig. 2. Mortar to launch GLA-105 generator.

Specifications of GLA-105

Mass of ice-forming composition, kg                                                 


The number of ice-forming nuclei with products at temperatures:



2.4 * 1014


1.1 * 1015

Time operation of the product, second                 

7 … 9

Height gap at an elevation angle of mortar 85 … 90º, at least  m