To improve the efficiency of aerial seeding operations and mobility management and control of weather modification activity in any geographic area of ​​the Earth on the technical task of ANO «Agency ATTECH» ZAO «RadugaTeleKom» (Vladimir) established in 2010 mobile command center.
To obtain weather radar information in the mobile command center of the active influence the single-wave (3.2 cm) compact meteorological radar (MMRL) «Kontur-Meteo-01″ is used. The radar was created in 2010 by «Kontur-NIIRS» (St.-Petersburg), commissioned by the ANO «Agency ATTECH», and destined for works on the active influence on clouds to obtain weather radar information (information about the fields of cloud, precipitation and related severe weather) in territories where there is no possibility of regular meteorological radar data.Kontur_1

Composition MMRL «KONTUR-Meteo-01»:
— Rotating platform;
— Transceiver;
— Slotted waveguide antenna;
— Waveguide;
— Radio transparent cover;
— Laptop with the software.

Main performance characteristics of MMRL:

Wave length, cm 3.2
Pulse power of the transmitter, kW 5
Weight, kg 60
MMRL dimensions:
             height, m 1,1
             diameter, m 1,2
Power supply, V/Hz 220/50
Power consumption, W, not more than 250