127055, Russia,

Moscow, Novoslobodskaya street 3, building 3.

Director : Gorbachevskaya Marina Yuryevna
The Deputy the Director: Petrunin Andrey Mikhailovich
The Deputy the Director: Chastukhin Andrey Viktorovich
Chief accountant: Chuprikova Elena Viktorovna

Passage route from the station.

Novoslobodskaya metro station: After exiting the metro, turn left, cross the road and move towards Veskovsky Lane and continue moving along it for about 50 meters, then turn right and go through the barrier, the entrance is from the back of the building, at the guards say the office number, go up to the third floor .

Тel:(499) 252-02-41 Fax:(496) 548-69-75