Editorial board:

Zalikhanov (Chairman), Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences;

Shchukin G.G., Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences;

Dyadyuchenko V.N., Candidate of Technical Sciences;

Fedchenko L.M., Doctor of Geographical Sciences;

Korneev V.P., Candidate of Technical Sciences;

Stasenko V.N., Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences;

Ugryumov A.I., Doctor of Geographical Sciences.


This collection of essays is dedicated to the history of development and modern achievements of the fundamental branch of hydrometeorological science and practice – weather modification on meteorological processes in order to change the weather and reduce damage from its dangerous phenomena. The formation and development of scientific and methodological foundations, technology and unique equipments and technical base of weather modification are considered. The essays are based on the materials of scientific research and the results of the practical application of active influences in scientific-research institutes and specialized subdivisions of the national Hydro-meteorological service.


The collection is intended for specialists in the field of weather modification, broad range of meteorologists, heads of state organs of economics and production, teachers of specialized universities and anyone interested in the problem of weather modification.