Works on improving weather in Moscow — 24 May 2014

Synoptic situation over the central area of the European part of Russia (ETR) on May 24, 2014 was determined by the central part of sedentary anticyclone. Centre of the high-rise anticyclone was located to the south-west of Moscow.

There was typical weather with almost no clouds and a large amplitude of the daily temperatures. With the forecasted maximum temperature of 28 ° C in the afternoon was expected development of airmass convective clouds in a layer of 2000-4000 m

According to the air sounding in Dolgoprudny the atmosphere was steadily stratified with the  zero isotherm at 3600 m. The height of the tropopause was 11.5 km. In the lower two-kilometer layer of the relatively humid air (70%) was observed northeast wind 15 km / h, then — up to the tropopause  south-easterly winds of 35-45 km / h predominated with humidity of 20-30%. In Moscow and the surrounding area in the morning on May 24 observed almost no clouds. Temperature in the city was 12 ° C-10 at a relative humidity of 65-70% and light winds.

After 10.00 am due to the warming begun in the surface layers  the development of cumulus clouds started developping in a layer of 2000-3500 m.  By 1pm air warmed up to 27 ° C only. Further development of convective clouds stopped.

Based on the meteorological situation at 4.05am in the air was raised meteolaboratory aircraft Yak-42 (b/n 42440) «RosHydromet» for atmospheric sounding, cloud monitoring of the situation in the Moscow region and the impact with the liquid nitrogen and a pyrotechnical silver iodide where appropriate. Additionally at 8.07am was raised an An-12 (b / n 12137) equipped with means for cloud seeding such as coarse powders and liquid nitrogen.

Monitoring cloud situation stopped at 9pm  when at a signal of the Customer aerial work have been completed. Totally on 24 May 2014 were made 5 flights.

  Precipitation in Moscow May 24, 2014 have not been observed.